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SafeNet, Inc. was an information security company based in Belcamp, Maryland, United States, which was acquired in August 2014 by the French security company Gemalto.

A former engineer mentioned, "Some obsolete big managers are around who just do not let good things happen at SafeNet. They come to the office with a foul mood and ensure that whoever interacts with them goes home with a foul mood. They are a big headache to most of the employees, except for their acolytes."


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Former Employee - says

"- The CIO enjoyed surrounding herself with snake-oil salesman managers that fed her false promises and bad information. - The young, inexperienced, and unprofessional IT staff acted as if the world revolved around them. - IT best practices = knowing how to use Google. - No management support for IT security. - Wasted money on expensive, high-end, and advanced systems, but no real knowledge or experience with the basic fundamentals IT. If the kids in IT wanted a new toy to play with, the CIO would pay for it and let them play. - Educational and training benefits that the company claims it offers should be considered false advertising. It was "never in the budget". - HR ignored complaints from employees. - HR staff simply sat around and did nothing all day. - No process for company acquisition. If your company gets bought by SafeNet, start looking for another job. - Directors and VPs play too many political games amongst each other while regular employees do all the real work. - Regular employees often get blamed for bad decisions made by management. - Managers care about their own personal gains and do not care about their employees or the future of the company."

Former Employee - Senior Security Engineer says

"They have horrible security practices. Source code is scattered everywhere, they do not care. There are hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities and management refuses to accept the fact that the company is at grave right of losing all intellectual property, because of this. But, since my boss stated that protecting intellectual property is not a priority, so I guess I'm the crazy one. What?"

Former Employee - Accountant says

"15 hour days during month end close. Weekend work during close needed. Close usually lasts 10 business days. The remaining days are 12 hours. No comp time given. Tons of kissing up to executives who love it and play favoritism based on the attention received. Good performance is not appreciated, only kissing up. Executives and managers call employees names to their faces and behind their backs. There is no team spirit. Everybody wants to quit. It is an ugly, humilating place to work. The execs suck the life out of wanting to do good in this place. Everything is always wrong."

Former Employee - Accounting and Finance says

"only talking about the finance and accounting side but saw similar issues else where. leadership team is leaderless. They scream, they call employees names, they play favorites, they offer nothing but criticism. This is the worse company in Baltimore. Everybody wanted out and HR did nothing to make the situation better. Complaints fell on deaf ears in HR. If you like working 12 hour days without an end in sight and can tolerate a culture that does not appreciate anything you do this is the rat hole for you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"bonus and raise in salary is minimal, no extra benefits"

Test Engineer says

"Some obsolete big managers are around who just do not let good things happen. They come to office with a foul mood and ensure that whoever interacts with them goes home with a foul mood. They are a big headache to most of the employees, except for their acolytes."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People here don't know what professionalism is. The senior management treats employees like blue collared workers. Yelling at employees at the top of their voices, yes, in their cubicles is a very commonplace. It's a commonplace because everybody would have been insulted like this in public at least once. Even peers raise their voices when talking to their colleagues. NCR lacks options in this domain. So, if people are working at this place, it's surely due to lack of options, not for the love of the job."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Products mostly commoditized, executive sales team is clueless. Don't appreciate contributions made and cut territories and commissions raise quotas with unrealistic expectations"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor middle managers,Politically charged environment"


"no 360 degree feedback, appraisals are not performance oriented some managers are hard to work with. Get feedback from current employees before joining."

DevOps Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Management has no clue as to what the market is looking for and what Safenet has to offer. Place is up for sale for peanuts due to lack of management.noneBad place to work"

Mobile Family Advocate (Former Employee) says

"The directors as well as management have favorable tendencies toward certain employees in unprofessional ways not allowing others to grow and blossom, Low Pay, after 90 days employees were told would receive raise and never did but others did... some staff are not sensitive to the client's trauma and needs.."

Técnico de câmeras de monitoramento (Former Employee) says

"Falta de consideração com o funcionário falta de comunicação"

customer service representative (Former Employee) says

"In my dept. the training was extremely poor and even though there was flexibility the work load was extreme! The job has its challenges as any job does however management says one thing but expects something differentTraining, Work overload"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Pros: - Good for learning new technology. Cons: - Promotion growth is slow and till Senior Software Engineer only in HSM-EFT Team. - No staff is more than 3 Years old except Manager and Architect. - 10-12 days in a month you go home at 1100pm to 1200pm. Average working hour is 1200 hrs(Official is 0830 hrs). - No work-life balance. - Manager and TL are non-technical.Good for learning new technology.No work life balance - No Growth - Manager and TL are non-technical"

QA (Former Employee) says

"Work environment was not good--company was bought after stock scandal--believe they have changed leadership multiple times--still would steer clear of this company."

Sr. Product Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"good product and great people but imho lacked direction and managers in key positions. challenging since the company was HQ in the east coast. Lots of mgmt. disruptions in the redwood city office."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"No growth, no opportunity and no job security - That's SafeNet for you. Adding to the woes is a management that does little to take care of its employees.Small organization - You know everyone aroundNo growth, no opportunity and no job security"

Former Employee (Current Employee) says

"My team - Great people, ambitious and meticulous, hungry about success, ready to do whatever to succeed. A couple bad thoughts by long-standing job-insecure folks but not a big deal. Its not an ideal world after all :) Corporate Culture - No transparency from executive and upper mgmt, very sick hierarchical management style, slow approval and decision process, low employee motivators or incentives if not the friendly team, age-old policies with exceptions for politicians. Corp culture encourages ppl to have their own groups and lobbying leaders. IT - SHAME!!! They haven't changed a word in their IT policy guide in last 20 yrs. On top of it - Redwood City office is just an appendage, and even the smallest thing have to be approved, literally 'shipped' from east coast. Technology investment - Much of the focus internally has been (at least then) on cleaning up the company and putting it up for a better price, than positioning it for a leadership role in the market. That said, there is absolutely no drive in that direction, no conversations or discussions happen that way. Many competitive new hires either reneged or resigned, and 'run of the mill' remained. Overall - It was a good company that had a great expertise around its core competence. But then bad things happened on non-tech side and currently being cleaned-up. No chance of innovation under current investors. Each individual team is great but just got worn out 'coz of the mgmt resistance over new initiatives. Wait up for 1-2 yrs - some products may jettison into different companies, and eventually SafeNetFriendly teams sympathetic about their common enemy (upper mgmt)Mgmt culture, It, Infrastucture, Corp stinginess, decision process"


"Employees have no balance of life and work. Co -workers are are team players. Too many changes in the management. Most enjoyable parts parties when new products are release."

Mobile Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"not a very hard job meet many different people and you can travel any where the preference given to apply phones to customers.onnce you passed training you can hired someone under you.paid off commisionbreak when ever you chose"

ACCOUNT MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"Great concepts, just doesn't seem like the focus is on quality Great people, great co-workers HQ location not good, many layoffsFriendly envirnomentlocation, compsensation"

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"Good work life balance and you get a chance to work with some good talent.But the Overall Management is not good. Lot of politics going on in the teams."

Inside Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"The most enjoyable part of the job is speaking to the customers and eventually winning the product support renewal orders."

Territory Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Recently went through a merger/was purchased. All of the senior management left within the first year. They are now on their division president since last April. Too many changes too quickly.hmmmweak management"

Ex Employee (Former Employee) says

"While there had 7 bosses in 4 years. Company management always tried to bite more then they could chew. Tries to retain employees with high salaries not necessarily high talent."

Operations Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I was there 20 years, so there are good points to the job, but also some drawbacks. I don't want to get into on here. There are legitimate reason why I am searching for another job with a heavy heart"

Principal Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I worked for a small satellite group that was split between Type I and commercial security product development. This group has been split up and sold off since my departure."

Agile Coach and Scrum Master (Current Employee) says

"Daily scrum meeting with 2 teams Some discussion with other Scrum Masters on the progress on action items or any challenges faced Attending other teams planning/retro meetings Some discussion with Product Owners Some discussion with management Conducting weekly scrum of scrum"

Pre-Sales - Solution Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Its a good company for someone keen on IT Security - Hardware. Good Technology for Banking and Enterprise. Sometimes role clarity related issues are there may be due to hectic business requirements. People from the acquired organization are supportive and co-operative. Lot of employee related activities and fun.Celebrate every aspect may it be your birthday or your successManaging cross location teams for support" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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